Armenia on the Crossroad of Peace Festival

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Armenia on the Crossroad of Peace Festival
mapByurakan, Ashtarak, Yerevan calendar 19/09/2020 > 24/09/2020 iconsFree

This multi-day and multi-city Festival promotes peace and cultural understanding.

Held in Byurakan, Pambak, Ashtarak, and Yerevan, Armenia on the Crossroads of Peace Festival serves as both a national festival and a cultural exchange program, establishing relationships between participating nations and promoting cultural heritage.

Participants from countries like Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Italy present their traditional culture, including songs, dances, musical instruments, national costumes and handmade crafts - an excellent opportunity to satisfy your inner cultural geek and enjoy yourself among talented people from all over the world.



Tea and Coffee Festival

02.10 > 03.10

The Tea and Coffee Festival in Yerevan brings together tea and coffee lovers at Swan Lake - one of the most beautiful public spaces in Yerevan.

Visitors stroll around the lake on a crisp autumn day, sampling both well-known and new brands of tea and coffee.

The wide selections of herbs, berries and fruit teas offer an opportunity to enjoy the flavorful produce of Armenia’s highlands long after the summer has gone. Visitors can sample and purchase tea and coffee while learning about their production.


Areni Wine Festival

03.10 > 03.10

In 2011, archaeologists discovered the world’s oldest winery dating back 6,000 years in Areni Cave. Armenian winemakers today are reinvigorating the world’s oldest wine sector, using indigenous varieties and world-class methods to create award-winning labels. Each October Armenian winemakers and tens of thousands of visitors gather in Areni village to celebrate the harvest and heritage during the annual Areni Wine Festival.

Join the festivities, located at the base of a stunning cliff facing scenic Areni village. The festival includes a parade of winemakers, competitions, folk music and dances, local vendors selling crafts and foods, and—most importantly—a lot of wine tasting.