Gata Festival

Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Gata Festival in Khachik village.

Gata Festival
mapKhachik village, Vayots Dzor marz calendar 18/09/2021

Located at 1800-1900 meters above sea level, Khachik is perched atop the Vayots Dzor highlands. Every fall the village gathers for a festival to celebrate gata - the delicious Armenian dessert that makes magic out of flour, butter, and sugar. During the festival, visitors have the chance to experience gata - both by baking and eating it, while enjoying folk music and dances, participating in games and shopping in a marketplace of local arts and crafts.

The highlight of the Gata Festival? Tasting the largest gata in the world, prepared by the village bakers. The biggest gata, which gets bigger and bigger each year, is something you shouldn't miss out on. 



Tolma Festival

22.05 > 22.05

Every year food lovers from Armenia and beyond gather to celebrate and eat as many tolma as possible.
Tolma is a stuffed vegetable dish that is common in Armenia and the surrounding regions. This annual event is all about cooking and eating, as Armenian tolma-makers gather to prepare tolma using forgotten and rare recipes. Cooks take part in a competition for the most unique recipe. During the Festival, visitors have the chance to taste more than 60 types of dolma filled with lamb, lenten, mushroom, basturma, and countless other ingredients.
Wear stretchy pants and be prepared to indulge in this most delicious piece of the Armenian cuisine.


Yerevan Wine Days

04.06 > 05.06

Yerevan Wine Days is an annual street festival gathering the true oenophiles on Saryan Street - a bustling hub of Yerevan’s young and innovative wine scene.

The two-day event features Armenian wine tasting with complimentary appetizers and cheese selections from local vintners and restaurants.Visitors feast on wine and food while enjoying Armenian jazz and local DJs.

Yerevan Wine Days attracts thousands of visitors from around the world, including international food bloggers and avid enogastronomic tourists.